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Electronic payment services are a priority for us and the focus of our operation. We are developing a new concept for making product and service payments. The Paytek e-wallet.

Paytek e-Wallet is a universal system of digital payment aggregation covering all services rendered within a closed ecosystem or in the general market running on the basis of the new Paytek Payment Aggregation Platform.

This new system and e-wallet will allow end-users to continue to use their bank accounts, and mobile wallets, to carry out the payment of services and purchases but in a more intuitive, comprehensive and conscious way, thus creating a sustained habit of making electronic payments at the expense of using physical money.

The payment process in merchants will have a 'Push-payment' concept, in which the transaction is initiated and controlled by the payer by the insertion and validation of a merchant code which can be obtained by optical reading of a QRCode from an application on the smartphone or tablet.

PAYTEK's payment wallet services are intended to be independent and universal in terms of the entity and the payment channel, which can work with any bank, several simultaneously and/or also mobile wallets. It should be possible to use several payment instruments on several channels, with particular interest in mobile channels, web and electronic kiosks.

The base service of PAYTEK's payment wallet will also provide the provision of payment services for invoices and prepaid top-ups by direct agreements with service providers or other intermediate entities.